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Currently there are three preschools within our Little People Academies community. Here is some information on each of them!

Oak Center Little People Academy


  • license # 013422489

  • located across Lowell Park from DLPA

  • website

OCLPA, a nurturing infant to TK preschool center, opened its doors in January 2022 in response to the high demand from parents seeking exceptional infant care. As toddlers graduate to the next phase, our dedicated facility ensures a seamless transition for their continued growth and development.

Boulevard Little People Preschool

Academy (BLPPA)

  • license # 013423124

  • located in the Grand Lake / Piedmont area
  • website

Initially beginning as an extension to the Lake Merritt Little People Academies, which began in the late 1970's, BLPPA established itself in 2008 and has become a standout program in that community serving preschool ages 3 - 5 years.

Boulevard Academy


  • license # 013423117

  • located in the Grand Lake / Piedmont area
  • website

Also located in the same building as BLPPA, this exciting program caters to the curious minds of toddlers and early preschool ages. Born from the Boulevard legacy, we've proudly evolved into two distinct programs, crafting tailored experiences for their unique growth.

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